U16 Canadian National Alpine Ski Championships 2017


U16 Parallel Team Event Hardwood Track Start Ramp – Safety And Operations Plan


An introduction to Canada’s U16 ski community about the first ever U16 National Championships to be held at Loch Lomond Ski Area in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay’s proposal to host the U16 National Championships is based on its event model of 2015 when the LSDA hosted one of Ontario’s best ever age group ski events.  See U16 Mackenzie Investments Ontario Alpine Ski Championships 2015 Event Recap below on this website.

This time around, ACA/AOA gave us the task of putting together a very cost effective and exciting event package for athletes and coaches.  And in  the spirit of Canada 150 Years celebrations, we really want everyone to stay together and take advantage of the package we have put together for the athletes/coaches.

Plus, we have put together an agenda and various formats which mix the skiers up a lot.  We have the added twist of being able to infuse Canada 150 theme into the entire week. Canadian kids getting to know Canadian kids from all across the country.  We have various events for adults as well and are looking forward to meeting and getting to know as many visiting ski families as we can throughout the week.

As we are finding out nationally from a retention perspective we are dealing with the most critical of age groups – U16.  Thus, our goal is to make the Nationals experience exciting and scintillating for the skiers…. efficient, convenient and productive for coaches….  And an event where people get to know each other and become friends from across the country.   This is our first National U16 Championships for Canada – let’s work together to put on the best show for our kids.  Let’s inspire kids to get to know one another and stay in the sport well beyond U16!

Thank you in advance for your support.  Thunder Bay is very excited about hosting this great sporting event.  It is fantastic that as a nation, before the constraints of FIS regulations, we can move our signature U16 events around to the various corners of our provinces.  This is essential for building our sport.  Sometimes we race on big hills, sometimes we race on smaller hills.  It is what ski racing is in Canada and we must embrace it.  What Thunder Bay might be lacking in vertical, we will make up in challenge, camaraderie and fun!

See Event Schedule Button for more detail as it becomes available.

  • Para Alpine has been invited to participate in the U16 Nationals. This is very exciting and demonstrates the kind of inclusiveness that alpine ski racing can offer.
  • Two designated hotels – well equipped with conference rooms, meeting areas, great food, gym facilities, pool, hot tubs etc.  Hotel 1 – 4 minutes from ski hill.  Hotel 2 – 12 minutes from ski hill.
  • Team hotel designations made by ROC – see accommodation section of website for team hotel allocations
  • Both hotels will be utilized equally for meals and events
  • Identical breakfasts will be served in both hotel properties each morning
  • Every athlete gets a bed – all rates based on double occupancy.
  • Shuttle bus transport for athletes to and from hill and for special events – saves on vehicle rental and frees up coaches to be where they need to be when.
  • One Crew Cab truck per team supplied for running errands, dealing with emergencies, getting to meetings, course sets and transporting skis when necessary. Trucks are already booked and will be waiting for teams at the airport. Small provinces will share one truck for 2 teams.
  • One “ski/equipment truck” per hotel to transport
  • he day’s skis.  Skis will be waiting at the hill each morning slopeside.  Skiers load their skis at the hotel onto the enclosed truck the night before. (or team crew cab truck can take skis depending how coaches want to manage things)
  • Both hotels will have equivalent ski tuning and ski storage facilities in modular buildings outside in parking lot of hotels. Large tuning facilities provided at each hotel
  • Opening Ceremonies Feb 20 (before first day of racing)
  • Athlete Parade Feb 23 (awards outside in Thunder Bay’s Spirit Garden on the waterfront)
  • ACA Podium Club / LSDA Alpine Rendezvous Feb 23 at Bight Restaurant (adjacent to Spirit Garden)
  • Closing Dinner, Awards and Dance Feb 25 (after Team Dual) at Confederation College.  All teams to travel on 26th.
  • Daily dinner menus will be themed to various regions across Canada – Provinces will be asked to put forward menu ideas representing their region
  • Event souvenir apparel
  • Door prizes each night
  • Dinnertime entertainment – All athletes eat together every night at 6:30 PM.
  • Daily awards presented every night at dinner (except on Feb 23).
  • All new Super G/ GS tracks at Loch Lomond (see hill photo below on website)
  • All new Team Parallel event on final day of racing – super fun!
  • Afternoon/Night Slalom on race day # 4 (allows bit of a sleep-in, a change in rhythm of week and some fun!)

The Athlete and Coach Package includes:

6 nights accommodation, 6 days meals including buffet lunch at hill each day, event souvenir apparel, shuttlebus transportation, purpose-built tuning facilities at each hotel, supplied team crew cab truck, Opening ceremonies, Parade and Closing Dinner/Dance, Official training day lift/lane fees.

The athlete package also includes race entry fees, race week lift pass, and official training day lift / lane fees.

PTSO’s have cost information for athletes and coaches.

It is a busy week.  But the short travel times make interaction with both the race venue and the city of Thunder Bay by both coaches and athletes very efficient.  (We have a parade and closing ceremonies/banquet planned a short bus ride away).  Constantly running shuttle transportation allows athletes to return to their hotel when needed.  More time to relax and get ahead on ski tuning or homework etc.

All ROC meetings will take place at the Norwester or the hill.  The Norwester is conveniently located on the way from the hill to the Vic Inn.  See map below on website for key event locations.

PSO’s will provide one point of contact on behalf of athletes and coaches.  Hotels expect to be dealing with the one point of contact.

The athlete/coach package will run from Supper Feb 20 to breakfast Feb 26.

Enough room is blocked at both hotel properties to handle the package dates and training days beforehand.

Athlete/coach package begins on February 20th.  We realize different teams will have different plans pre-event so we have blocked rooms.  Any arrangement for nights/meals etc prior to supper on the 20th will be made separately with your event hotel.

Discounted lift and lane space cost on the official training day Feb 20th is built into athlete package price – Training blocks will be 2 hours / team.  Athletes are free to ski all day.  Lift Lane cost for training prior to Feb 20th will be announced soon.

Supervised training on the Super G track will be available starting at 3 PM until 4:30 PM on February 20th. Athletes will ski the hill individually at 15 to 20 second intervals. No Super G skis to be worn outside of the official Super G track.

Teams can arrive as late as the morning of the 20th and still get on snow for PM training block from 2 PM to 4 PM.  Lift turnaround time is 6 minutes.  Skiers can get good volume in a two hour block.

Athlete/coach package registration will be held from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM Feb. 19th.  Registration is also available all day on the 20th by appointment (Contact DAVE BRADLEY (807)6247200). Location:  Best Western Plus Norwester Hotel and Conference Centre – see address and contact information below.

Payments will be made at registration. Specific cheque writing instructions provided on Race Notice.  When you book with your event hotel, the PSO will be asked to put down a credit card number to hold reservation.  Upon arrival, a credit card number will be held on file for damage, incidentals etc.

There has been no accommodation set aside for parents in the designated hotels.  There will definitely be more rooms available at these properties as well as several other properties close by if availability runs out.  – see accommodation section of website for ideas for other hotels.

Event Info


Daily Tear Down Schedule

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Official Livestream

Volunteer’s Welcome!

Volunteers are key to making the event a success…Local and Out-of-town Volunteers Welcome!

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Click here to let our Volunteer Coordinator know you are interested. If you have Officials Training, please indicate your current level. As well, tell us if you have preferred events you would like to assist with. If you are not available all 5 days, tell us when you are available.
Volunteer Wall Of Fame
Volunteer Wall of Fame! – a complete list of people who are stepping up to give us a hand. Make sure that you are listed!



Daily volunteer assignments.

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Proudly Hosted By Our LSDA Clubs

Norwester Alpine Club
Norwester Alpine Club
Port Arthur Ski Club
Ski Haus Senior Circuit
Thunder Bay Senior Ski Association

Message From LSDA Nationals 2017 ROC

Eat – Sleep – Race – Learn!

Together with our member clubs, the LSDA is committed to hosting an awesome inaugural National U16 Championships. Our focus is to host an athlete-centred event which will reward all athletes for their efforts and inspire kids to stay involved in ski racing beyond U16.

Under our slogan, Eat–Sleep–Race–Learn! , the race week will address high school aged athletes’ needs athletically, educationally, nutritionally and socially.  Our ROC will work with all partners, sponsors and stakeholders to provide a scintillating and memorable life skill building event that will capture the imagination of all athletes.  As well we intend to support a “Learn to travel and compete theme” in order to help prepare athletes and coaches for higher level ski racing.

2017 happens to be Canada’s 150th Birthday! And Thunder Bay just happens to have 200+ athletes and coaches coming to town from all over Canada! So, we are taking the opportunity to infuse the Canada 150 Celebration theme into various activities occurring through the race week of February 20st to February 25th. It is going to be a blast!



As one of Canada’s largest ski racing regions, Alpine Ontario, with its divisions and clubs, host many races each year. AOA has developed Four Pillars Of Excellence that define AOA’s approach to event quality. The Thunder Bay Nationals 2017 ROC and the local ski community are dedicated to meeting the AOA standard which is designed to achieve a better race experience and stronger athlete development.

 Four Pillars Of Excellence  

athletic value

race quality

financial responsibility

community involvement & partner recognition

One Province, One Program!

The “one province * one program slogan brings all Ontario’s stakeholders in ski racing together in this mission to bring Ontario athletes successfully through the Long Term Athlete Development Model to where they can compete successfully and reach their goals.

Athlete Development In Ontario – On The Right Track!

Over the past few seasons, Ontario athletes have been achieving podium results in National Championships, NCAA, USCSA, NorAm, Europa Cup and World Cup events!

Take a look at this impressive list…

Kate Ryley

Meg Ryley

Dave Duncan

Julia Roth

Ronnie Remme

Larisa Yurkiw

Erin Melzynski

David Donaldson

Madison Irwin

Candace Crawford

Phil Brown

Jack Crawford

Alli Nullemeyer

Stephanie Currie

And guess what?….. all of these skiers were U16 skiers in Ontario!


1800 Loch Lomond Road

Loch Lomond emerging as a world class competition and training site

Site of 2017 OCup FIS Series January 25/26

Host of the 2015 Ontario U16 Provincial Alpine Ski Championships!

Home of the famous “Giant” FIS slalom hill.

In fall of 2017, developed a new “Super G” / “Giant Slalom” race hill – known as “Hardwood”/”Zipper” track

Working to re-open the “Jolly Giant” race hill with new snowmaking and winch-cat grooming. 

5 minute turnaround on race hill chairlift.

190 meter vertical drop.

Catering by Daytona’s – a famous Thunder Bay eatery

10 minute drive to Thunder Bay International Airport

3 minute drive to out of town  athlete accommodation – Best Western

Under new ownership as of 2015 – Partners, Jason Gerry (Former LSDA FIS Ski Team athlete under Craig Speiss) and Grand Brodeur (Former Caledon Ski Club and Ontario Universities Athletic Association Alpine Ski Series racer)

Take a trip down memory lane…

Visit the event recap of the U16 Provincial Alpine Ski Championships 2015


Thank you to the athletes, volunteers and sponsors. This was truly one great event!

Ski Racing 101

For those that are new to the sport of alpine ski racing, here is information about the U16 age category, the specific events: Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G, and Downhill, where to find results, and general information about Para-Alpine Ski Racing. Check out what all the excitement is about! We welcome all spectators young and old to come and enjoy the racing at Loch Lomond. Admission is free, and bleachers will be available in the Finish areas.


Results can be found at Live Timing.com

Loch Lomond Race Hills

Seating will be provided at the Finish Lines as well as various other vantage points are available for spectators on skis.

Athletes click here to answer bio questions
Bio Questions
Athletes click here to sign up for text message service


Reaching out across Canada in support of athlete development and safety. U16 National Alpine Championships is no exception!

The Nik Zoricic Foundation (NZF) is focused on improving athlete development and safety within the realms of alpine ski racing and ski cross in Canada. Canada’s National U16 Championships offer an excellent opportunity to promote both of these critical mandates. NZF is partnering with the 2017 U16 National Race Organizing Committee to make significant contributions toward both Athlete Development and Safety.

The NZF is contributing to a major purchase of new safety netting to help cover the new “Zipper” Super G speed track.  The net will also be used at other race and training events within Ontario and the USSA Region 1. LSDA athletes utilize USSA racing as an important part of their athlete development pathway.

These events represent great opportunities to spread the message of the NZF to US and Canadian skiers alike.

Your 2017 Race Organizing Committee

Event Committee Chair


Chief of Race (Speed)


Technical Delegate


Volunteer Co-ordinator


Chief of Race (Tech)


Race Secretary


Chief Of Timing


Chief Of Course And Equipment


Team Hotel Info

Host Hotels

Alt Text

Best Western Plus, Nor’Wester Hotel & Conference Centre

2080 Highway #61
Thunder Bay, On P7J 1B8
Phone : (807)473-9123 | Fax : (807)473-9600

Email:Justin Lee

Click Here to book at Best Western 

Alt Text

Victoria Inn

555 Arthur Street West
Thunder Bay, On P7E 5R5
Phone : (800) 387 3331

Email: Curtis Mackenzie
Click Here to book at Victoria Inn




British Colombia

Victoria Inn


BestWestern Nor’Wester


Victoria Inn


BestWestern Nor’Wester


Victoria Inn


BestWestern Nor’Wester


BestWestern Nor’Wester

Nova Scotia

Victoria Inn

New Brunswick

BestWestern Nor’Wester

Prince Edward Island

BestWestern Nor’Wester


Victoria Inn

Northwest Territories

Victoria Inn


BestWestern Nor’Wester


On a First come first served basis- These hotels are within 15 minutes of the Ski Hill

Valhalla Inn

(807)577 1121

Use code: 170221NSKI 

Comfort Inn

(807)475 3155

Hampton Inn

(807)577 5000

Airlane Hotel

(807)473 1600

Supplier Of Crew Cab Trucks To Provincial Teams

For any vehicle rental needs head to budget.com , or call David Currie at 807 622 3366.  Crew cab trucks will be waiting for designated teams at the Budget counter at Thunder Bay International Airport.


Pre-event Gate Training Hill Space 

February 19 & 20

February 19 & 20

Official Training – Hill rental applies – athletes get daily lift ticket and 2 hour gate training block for $40 on the 19th, payable to Loch Lomond ski area. On the 20th the fee is included in the athletes package. Athletes are welcome to ski all day. Team allocations of 2 hour training blocks will be decided at coaches meetings the night before each day.

Training Blocks 

Thunder Bay

Alt Text

Superior by nature!

Thunder Bay is on the shore of the world’s largest fresh water lake adjacent to an iconic provincial park best known to the rest of the world as The Sleeping Giant. With its magnificent landscapes and such cultural history, Thunder Bay is an inspired choice for business, education, training, conferencing, medical, sports, living, and visiting.

Thunder Bay – One of Canada’s Great Ski Towns!

Thunder Bay has a long history of hosting successful events. The key ingredients to our success are: a committed corps of volunteers, great venues and a supportive community. To maintain our event hosting capacity we must run major events on a regular basis. Like all ski communities we must continue to learn and practice. Hosting major events is critical and a source of great pride and motivation.

Alt Text

Fort William Historical Park

Fort William Historical Park is the site of the 2017 Opening Ceremonies.

More Info

Alt Text

Tracy’s Tasty Picks

A summary of awesome eateries in and around Thunder Bay for our visiting guests. Suggestions broken into 3 categories: Family, Fine, Ethnic and Local! 

Tracy’s Tasty Picks

Alt Text

Spectacular Waterfronts

Fantastic summer and winter facilities and restaurant.

More Info

Travel Made Easy

Thunder Bay is a very well serviced city of 120,000 people. Logistics of airport, hotel, ski area + amenities are incredibly easy.

Travel time each day is minimal.

Map of Area

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U16 Nationals Excellence Partners

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