Memos to Coaches/Team Leaders…..


Memo 4 Jan 23/20

Please send info required on chart below by Sunday Jan 26.  Shirt order going in on Monday 27.

Email to and    Thanks!


We need this information by Sunday Jan 26/20
Where one athlete from a team is without a roommate, organizers will work to pair athlete with another skier from another club
Room assignments can be juggled at check-in.  Just need total room needs at this juncture
Athletes: Female names Long Sleeve Shirt Size s,m,l,xl,xxl Food Allergy Info Room# Assigned by hotel
Room 1                              /
Room 2                              /
Room 3                              /
Room 4                              /
Room 5                              /
Room 6                              /
Room 7                              /
add rows as necessary….
Athletes: Male names
Room 1                               /
Room 2                               /
Room 3                               /
Room 4                               /
Room 5                               /
Room 6                               /
Room 7                                /
Coaches: Female
Room 1                              /
Room 2                              /
Coaches: Male
Room 1                               /
Room 2                               /


Memo 3 Jan 17/20

A few additional changes have been made to the Event Schedule just recently. All edits have been made to the attached PDF in blue type.

Memo 2  Jan 8/20

Designated Team Leaders should make bookings at Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel with Christina Grey at 807 346 5120.   Remember, packages are based on double occupancy.  There should be enough room in PAWH for everyone.  Christina will be booking athletes and coaches first.  A wait list will be kept for parents who are interested in staying in same hotel as athletes.  On the Hotel page there is a listing of several other hotel choices for visiting friends and family.

Any questions…? email event chair –  Dave Bradley –

Thank you!


Memo 1 Jan 2/20

Memo to all Ontario U16 club and division programs

From:  LSDA Host Division and AOA

Happy New Year everyone!


We are roughly 7 weeks away from the U16 OCup Finals in Thunder Bay.  Thunder Bay is super excited to host Ontario’s top U16’s for the third time since 2015!

Our AOA supported major-event model is to host all teams together in one hotel where we can all eat, tune skis, participate in activities, travel to ski areas together as a group of Ontario athletes…..  Based on our experience in past 5 years, athletes leave Thunder Bay having had a blast, made a ton of new friends, and learned a lot about how to conduct oneself at a major event.

This year all teams will be staying at our 2020 event partner hotel, the Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel.  All meals, meetings, activities, ski tuning, special events etc will occur there.  The Prince Arthur has been used by Cross Country Canada for years as its major event hotel for National Championships and Ontario Cup events.  Fun Fact:  Thunder Bay is one of Canada’s greatest Cross Country national event sites and regularly hosts major events with more than 300 athletes!

If teams have not started yet, it is time to start booking flights and considering how your group is going to get ski equipment to Thunder Bay.  In past events, the Event ROC organized the Ski Trucks in partnership with AOA.  This year we have decided it will be more efficient of Divisions organize their own ski trucks.

All accommodation, vehicle and athlete transport bookings are blocked.  All costs are included in AOA approved Athlete/Coach packages.  See for Race Notice and Draft Event Schedule and detailed Athlete/Coach Package information.

Basic Schedule overview:

Feb 18 –  most teams fly or drive in to Thunder Bay – buses will meet teams at airport – teams will be assigned crew-cab trucks for coaches and equipment for the series – athletes travel together in coaches

Feb 19 –  pre-event training at Loch Lomond – lane space times will be blocked – Captains will meet evening of 18th to discuss plan

Feb 20 – GS Loch Lomond

Feb 21 – GS Loch Lomond

Feb 22 – SL Loch Lomond

Feb 23 – SL Loch Lomond – overall awards – travel home – ski trucks depart for home

(10 min drive to airport from Loch Lomond – final pack at hill – 5:00pm AC flight possible to make + other flights later in Evening WJ, Porter, AC with connections to Ottawa, Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins)

Feb 24 – travel home


  • Book flights  (for groups 10 or more, group rates and special last minute change rules available)
  • Book rooms at Event Hotel by Jan 15 – make your best guess as to team size, and breakdown between girls and guys and coaches – designated team point person calls hotel with your team’s specific booking needs
  • Make a ski equipment transport plan –  now that Air Canada is running jet service to Thunder Bay from Pearson, there is less risk of equipment not making it.  For large groups flying together there is always a risk, so AOA/ROC still believe it is best to send skis ahead by ground.  Divisions will be making their own ski truck plans.


If your division/club will have parents attending, please encourage them to volunteer and become part of the event!  Go to the volunteer instructions at to get signed on.  It will be an opportunity to gather more excellent officials experience.  It is good for the sport if parents/volunteers are interacting and collaborating at Ontario’s major championship events.  It raises Ontario’s event hosting capacity significantly.

LSDA/AOA are committed to providing a cost-effective, efficient major event experience for Ontario Athletes.  We see the Thunder Bay event experience as being a critical lifeskills learning opportunity for our athletes as they grow in the sport and prepare for future events.  Being organized, following a schedule, coping with large groups, being independent and taking responsibility for self, working as part of a team and making good decisions are all important factors in the development of poised, confident athletes representing Ontario.  In the Ontario athlete development pathway, U16 is the time to make sure these skills are being developed.  Because Thunder Bay is a fly-to event for most Ontario Athletes, it is a perfect opportunity to accomplish these objectives and have a ton of fun with the group!

If you have any questions feel free to contact Robyn Skinner, AOA Competition Director or Dave Bradley, LSDA ROC Event Chair.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Thunder Bay!

Dave Bradley                                                                Robyn Skinner

Event Chair                                                                  Competition Director

U16 OCup Finals 2020                                                AOA                          

Cell: 807 624 7200                                                       705 444 5111 x128