Welcome to CTRE Production Live Streaming! In preparation of the ‘real’ races CTRE has produced the following renderings of three of the four race venues. Have fun virtual skiing!

Georgian Peaks Ski Club

Osler Bluff Ski Club

Alpine Ski Club

Guests staying in and around Blue Mountain Resort will be close to all four race hills. Craigleith, Alpine and Georgian Peaks are west of Blue Mountain and Osler Bluff is about 10 minutes east. Unfortunately a shuttle does not operate between all the private clubs so while the teams will have vans, visiting families will require a car.

All four race venues are spectator friendly with large viewing areas accessible by foot and close to the lodges with food & drink. Please click on the maps below to access Google Maps.

Day 1-2 Georgian Peaks

Day 3 - Osler Bluff

Day 4 - Alpine Ski Club

Day 5 - Craigleith