Shelagh Duckett- Admin

Rose Therrien- Admin

Nancy Petrick-Bradley-Admin

Derek Antilla- Admin, Course Crew, Dye Pack Operator

Keira Chow- document runner, start list reviewer, bibs

Alex Wood- Bibs

Harrison Chow- Course Crew, Timing

Lexi Hurdon- Timing

Maddy Coats- Timing

Paul Vardy- Timing

Ivan Hudec- Timing

John Hinsperger- Timing

Jade Michelli- Timing

Katherine Hamilton- Timing

Kim Paterson- Timing, score board

Neil Coats- Timing, ROC

Gilles Bonniot- Chief of Timing, ROC

Deb Tully- Timing

Lindsay Crooks- COR, Assistant Referee, Start Ref, ROC

Grant Brodeur- Start Ref

Darren Henderson- COR, Section Chief, ROC

Rolf Waffler- COR

Jim Colquhoun- COC, ROC

Keith Simon- Assistant COC

Glen Swant- Finish Ref

Geoff Hall- Start Ref, Section Chief, ROC

Ross Bailey- Gate label, Course Crew

Jason Gerry- Assistant to COG

Tom Dawes- COG

Rosemary Wilson- Assistant Starter, Gate Judge

Francie Sweitzer- Assistant Starter

Jim Kempton- Starter, Gate Judge

Willy Fretz- Starter

Danny Fedun- Starter

Tanner Henderson- Course Crew

Shaun Moore- Course Crew

Jason Lucas- Course Crew

Brian Koopman – Course Crew

Charlie Powell- Course Crew

Ross Bailey- Gate Label, Course Crew

Al Paterson- Gate Label, Course Crew

Blair Sandberg- Course Crew

Andrew Lehto- Course Crew

Tom Batigelli- Course Crew

Carter Weiss – Course Crew

Gillian Duckett- Course Crew

Steve Scollie- Course Crew

Dan Hedley- Course Crew

Mark Beringer- Course Crew

Ben Porter- Course Crew, Dye Pack Operator

J.R. Williamson- Course Crew

Steve Cameron – Course Crew

Nadine Lamoureaux – Gate Judge

Daphne Mitchell – Gate Judge

Kirk Dunn – Gate Judge

Sally Kukko – Gate Judge

Rob Paterson – Gate Judge

Julie Adams – Gate Judge

Jeff Spittlehouse – Gate Judge

Lorrie Koopman – Gate Judge

J.J. Hupka – Gate Judge

Dave Currie – Gate Judge

Fia Betina Twyman – Announcing

Stephanie Chow- Volunteer Coordinator, ROC

Abby Corrigan – score board

Jess White – score board

Lauri Ryan-Cooper – Information Desk, bibs

Monique Gouthro – Information Desk

Penny Robinson- Bibs, Document Runner

Dave Bradley – Event Chair, ROC

Loretta Mapea – score board

Jodi Hall – score board

Shelly Mazurkewich – score board

Tracy Wilson- Medical

Dave Puskas- Medical, Cook, Tuning

Dave McKee- Medical

Rowan Seymour – Ski Patrol

Bill Scollie- Announcing

James Mirabelli- Photographer

Nigel Cooper- Signs, Promotion

John Cuthbertson – Live Streaming

Marla Henderson – Media

Richard Stempein – Volunteer Trailer Assist, Radio Organizer

Devyn Scott – highlight video

Brent Campbell- timing

Sandy Murphy- timing, Assistant Starter

Kirk Dunn- Gate Judge

Laura Harley- Finish Ref, Gate Judge

Yuro Ihns- Section Chief

Garry van Soest- Section Chief

Angela Gougeon- Course Crew

Gregg Ferguson – Course Crew

Terry Mix- Course Crew, Gate Judge

Dawn Mix- Course Crew, Gate Judge

Jen Jenkings- Gate Judge, score board

Karen Bruin Gooch – Gate Judge, score board

Heather Wilson – Bibs

Shaun Muldrew – Gate Judge

Dave Hill – Gate Judge

Dave Hshizaki – Gate Judge

Tanya Westby – Gate Judge, score board, bibs

Randy Coker- signs